Various small business / organization sites

A variety of small organization sites (most of which are 'brochure' sites). One site, for a real estate agency, is a highly customized WordPress installation handling property listings.

Below is Moweaqua Golf Course, a custom WordPress install featuring post types for 'Rates' and 'Reviews'. Integrates with course's booking system.

Moweaqua Golf Course homepage

Moweaqua Golf Course rates listings

Below is a site for Caplinger Photography, a nature photographer. Keen eyes will notice the lorem ipsum present in the about section! This screenshot is the last vestige of the site, a mockup sent before it was live for a few years then replaced with Etsy (no hard feelings, Etsy).

Caplinger Photography homepage

Below is the homepage of D. Davis Cabinets, a cabinet maker in Moweaqua, IL.

D. Davis Cabinets homepage

Gene Lower Insurance & Real Estate, a real estate agent in Moweaqua, IL. This was a custom WordPress installation featuring a few custom post types designed to store and display property data. It also included integration with FPDF, an oldie-but-goldie PHP library that generates pdf files, which was used to generate printable one-page property information sheets.

Gene Lower Insurance & Real Estate homepage

Memorial Presbyterian Church of Assumption, IL, who also had me setup a live online streaming service for their elderly members. We used their existing Youtube account and Youtube Live for streaming, and I handled the purchase and configuration of a new laptop, wireless sound system, and streaming webcam. The church still uses the system every week!

Memorial Presbyterian Church homepage

A site for "HostileMC", a Minecraft server:

HostileMC homepage

JWS Service Systems, a power washing company out of Ohio:

JWS Service Systems homepage