EIU faculty WordPress template

A custom template for EIU's faculty WordPress accounts complete with custom post types to handle publications, service positions, and the like. The template is currently available for deployment to faculty installations and is in use by a number of accounts already.

This template was designed by EIU's web designer Jamie Kemp and was lots of fun to bring to life. I used the Advanced Custom Fields plugin to allow faculty members easy (and controlled) data entry for things like their publications, service positions, awards, and more. They are also able to create new pages and further customizations as needed---it is still WordPress after all.

Here are some screenshots of Dr. Britto Nathan's site, who was kind enough to be our tester:

Desktop view of Dr. Nathan's site

Desktop view of Dr. Nathan's academic positions and education experience

And here are some mobile views:

Mobile view of Dr. Nathan's site

Mobile view of Dr. Nathan's awards