EIU Visit Signup system

A web-based events management system allowing EIU's admissions team to create, manage, and promote campus visit events to thousands of prospective students. This project was conceived to replace existing functionality included in the university's in-house admissions CRM and to extend it in a way that future web team updates would be minimal; the new module is now included in the production environment and handles hundreds of signups per day.

Simple blog manager

A small and very-much-in-progress PHP blog app that I've been working on intermittently. It runs this site! It has basic support for blog posts, and handles the management/display of this project list. I created it as a way to learn more about 'fancy' URL routing and because I couldn't find a small blog platform that wasn't very opinionated (and I'd rather deal with my code's opinions than others'). More →

EIU Adult Fitness program portal

An admin portal / info system for EIU's community adult/senior health and fitness program. It replaced paper-based processes that took up time and space, leaving less time for the program's real purpose! Now the office is able to manage and enter all of their paper forms online and can handle other pertinent patient info, like medication history, with ease. The system also ties into an online payment processing service to enable collection of debit/credit card payments. More →

EIU Electronic Writing Portfolio

A rewrite of an outdated (~2005) system to bring it up to modern design and coding practice standards. It handles file uploads for student writing portfolios--a graduation requirement for EIU--seeing 1000+ uploads a semester. Included tie-ins with the campus SIS/ERP to pull student registration information and to automatically write score information to student transcripts. New automated processes provided significant workload reduction for office staff.

EIU Early Alert System

A workflow system allowing faculty at EIU, a regional university, to submit concerns about a student's academic progress to campus support staff relevant to the student. These staff are then able to follow up and discuss actions taken to improve the student's success. This system replaced an outdated process that spanned multiple web and desktop systems, and it has aided in the growing adoption of the Early Alert program (now handling a few hundred cases a semester). The new system is written entirely for the web and can be accessed on desktop or mobile, on or off campus.

EIU faculty WordPress template

A custom template for EIU's faculty WordPress accounts complete with custom post types to handle publications, service positions, and the like. The template is currently available for deployment to faculty installations and is in use by a number of accounts already. More →

US Map Data Visualization

A small class project, written in Python 3 using the web.py framework, as well as the popular PIL (python image library), which generates color-shaded maps of the USA based on csv-fed data. The user can choose low and high-value colors, which are then used to generate a gradient along which each state's color is calculated. Then the map is rendered on-the-fly and returned to them as a .jpg image. More →


A municipal government website, built on WordPress, featuring custom post types and custom fields to handle the display and management of items such as meeting minutes, area business listings, and bulletin board announcements. More →

Various small business / organization sites

A variety of small organization sites (most of which are 'brochure' sites). One site, for a real estate agency, is a highly customized WordPress installation handling property listings. More →

Lawn care company print materials

Print materials (door hangers, car magnets, & business cards) for a lawn care business in Raleigh, NC. More →

Throwback Templates!

Here is a collection of "throwback" templates that I designed way back in 2013/2014. I guarantee that each and every one of these is deserving of an award. More →